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A few words on my rates

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I commonly employ four pricing methods for my services (current rates, exclusive of taxes):

Other types of billing are possible for atypical orders.

Although the rates listed above apply in the vast majority of cases, they do nonetheless remain indicative. As a translator, I do not sell a product, I respond to a request for a service. Thus, the rates for my linguistic services can vary according to the specific needs and demands of the client, the size of the project, etc.

In all cases, your estimation will clearly show the pricing method and sum for each item as well as the total amount for the project. Requesting an estimation is as easy as sending me an e-mail.

Please note: The website of the SFT occasionally publishes articles and studies on translation rates. They are usually available, at least partially, to the general public (although usually only in French). I encourage you to read them. You will see for yourself that when the intrinsic difficulties of my field, my qualifications and my commitment to quality are taken into account, my rates are quite competitive.

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